Marc Trayter i Vilagran

Lawyer specialized in Family, Property and Private Law
I was born in La Bisbal d’Empordà on May 5th, 1977. I studied Law at the University of Girona, and during my final year, I studied at the University of Nijmegen (Netherlands).
I have always tried to be participatory and active both within civil society and in the field of institutional advocacy. I like to think that in my professional practice, I am flexible and adaptable to the circumstances of each case and each client, but also that I am firm in defending what is just.
I put forth the maximum effort in each case, with rigor and perseverance, aware that each file represents the problem of a person who deserves to be defended.


I have been licensed as a Lawyer since July 2003 by the Bar Association of Girona.
  • From July 2003 until October 2017, I was a member of Rovira&Vila Advocats. Since October 2017 until the present, I have been a partner at Iures Advocats.
  • From May 2015 to May 2017, I was officially registered as a mediator in Family Law and Private Law at the Private Law Mediation Center of Catalonia, an institution dependent on the Department of Justice of Generalitat de Catalunya.


2014 Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

  • Mediation Course

2004-2005 Girona Bar Association.

  • Professional Certificate (CAP)

2002-2003. Radboud Univesiteit Nijmegen. (Holanda)

  • Last year Law degree.

1997-2002. Universitat de Girona

  • Law degree

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